The VcV is a purely mechanical device, requiring no electronics or power. The design is patent-protected and cost-effective. The VcV is an automated device.

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The VcV is a clever device that works on the primary and secondary air inlets to adjust the air intake to maximise efficiency. As a mechanical device, no power is required.

Normally two VcVs are installed on a wood stove, one on the primary air inlet, and one on the secondary air inlet. The stove is adapted to enable the VcVs to work effectively.

As well as wood stoves, VcVs can work on warm air furnaces, retrofits, boilers (hydronic heaters) and masonry heaters. The VcV technology offers manufacturers a proven, economical way to bring wood stove model lines into compliance quickly. We can provide a ready-made VcV stove for licencing or look at the possibility of adapting your stove with VcV technology.

For wood stove manufacturers who want further details about how the VcV works, please contact us.


VcVs fitted to a wood stove have been tested in an EPA-accredited laboratory in the USA. Results of these tests show that the burn curve is flattened, and the dry burn rate is reduced. The overall burn time is substantially longer. VcVs provide increased combustion efficiency and increased overall efficiency.

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Results of the testing


VcVs are patented with world wide patents, excluding tropical countries, in the name of Flamekeeper LLC, a Florida registered company.


This innovative technology is available for licensing to approved manufacturers with a price guide of around US$50 per unit (development fees may apply).


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